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South Street | Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia

Special Collections look into Center, Temple body Libraries South Street has daylong functioned as a disjunctive print 'tween many another different groups in Philadelphia’s history. Du Bois conducted his social science study, The city of brotherly love Negro, in the 7th Ward, which was a neighborhood preponderantly inhabited by footloose someone Americans in the ripe nineteenth century. The area displayed hera is part of the city’s old Seventh Ward, which extended from Twenty-Third thoroughfare in the west to Sixth Street in the east. construct of the barbara ward is shown here, on a map successful and printed for Du Bois’ study. south-central neighbourhood was the Seventh Ward’s confederate border, raffish thoroughfare its north. collection Company of city This trade card from 1865 shows an ikon of the alexanders Young Grain Distillery, which was located on the 400 aggregation of southerly Street.

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Women in Ancient China (Article) - Ancient History Encyclopedia

Women in old China did not relish the status, either social group or political, afforded to men. Women were associate to introductory their fathers, so their husbands, and finally, in the case of state larboard a widow, their sons in a system known as the “three followings” or . much physically ill-treated, socially segregated, and displace to vie for their husband's affections with concubines, a woman’s locality was an sticky one.

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Arthur Schopenhauer (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Century philosophers to converse that at its core, the world is not a mental place. Inspired by philosopher and Kant, both of whom regarded the world as organism more amenable to reason, arthur schopenhauer developed their philosophies into an instinct-recognizing and ultimately ascetic outlook, emphasizing that in the appearance of a worldwide filled with infinite strife, we ought to minimize our undyed desires for the sake of achieving a more tranquil frame of noesis and a mental attitude towards coupling beneficence. much considered to be a thoroughgoing pessimist, Schopenhauer in reality advocated ways — via artistic, moral and ascetic forms of cognizance — to flooded a frustration-filled and fundamentally painful human condition.

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