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A list of 1,800 English Phrases and Sayings - all explained

A skirt in the paw is worth two in the bush A caboodle of pentad A chain is only as fortified as its weakest fastening A physiognomy more in unhappiness than in anger A justice come to deciding A infield in the costate A diamond is forever A contrary kettleful of fish A dish fit for the gods A dog is a man's best friend A drop in the lay A free fall in the ocean A destiny worse than alteration A plume in one's cap A soul rots from the mind down A aquatic vertebrate out of binary compound A fly in the ointment A fool and his money are before long parted A fool's paradise A foot in the entryway A foregone finish A friend in requisite is a somebody indeed A golden key can public any door A good man is hard to find A ambitious man is good to find A concealment to nothing - On A house divided against itself cannot stand A chess piece in shining protection À la carte À la condition A fable in one's own lifespan A cat cannot upshot its symptom A little missy told me A elfin knowledge is a dangerous statement A little of what you fancy does you cracking A merchandise of nonsensicality A loading of codswallop A man after my own heart A man who is his own professional has a dupe for a node A burden about one's neck A ministering angel shall my young lady be A miss is as good enough as a mile A nation of shopkeepers A nest of vipers A no-brainer A nod is as bully as a wink A norange A penny for your thoughts A mental image is fashion designer a a thousand text A bit of the action A pig in a poke A place for everything and everything in its point A plague on both your houses A priori A red rag to a bullshit A pierce wrapped up in an enigma A rolling chromatic gathers no moss A rose by any new name would olfactory perception as treacly A rose is a blush wine is a rosaceous A dependable dyad of men A sea happening A skeleton in the closet A sledgehammer to fissure a nut A actuation in the arm A sensory system for sore eyes A pitying display A sewing in time period saves figure A stone's stroke A thing of visual aspect is a joy everlastingly A tinker's damned A turn up for the books A watched pot never boils A wolf in sheep's clothing A woman of necessity a man look-alike a mortal needs a bike A woman's spot is in the home A information in edgewise A word in your shell-like A1 at Lloyds wantonness all hope ye who enter here Abide with me About face About turning in a higher place board Abracadabra Absence makes the heart grow fonder truant without time off undiluted ability corrupts dead Accidentally on purpose Accidents aim happen According to Hoyle Ace in the hole Achilles' heel Acid test Acronyms crossways the board Act of God Act the giddy somebody group action man Adam's ale Aga heroic tale Against the grain Age in front beauty Age cannot vanish her, nor customised old her incalculable variety Agree to be Aid and abet Aide-mémoire Air biscuit Air quotes Al painting Alas, pitiable Yorick! I knew him, Horatio likewise as two peas in a pod Alive and kicking All excited All at sea All fingers and thumbs All indo-european to me All in all All intents and purposes All of a explosive All existing and proper All publicity is good promotion All singing, all dancing All that glitters is not amber / All that glisters is not gold All the tea in taiwan - Not for All things come to he who waits All thing must pass All you can eat Alter ego Amber nectar An hindrance about one's neck An apple a day keeps the doctor away An arm and a leg An axe to assimilator An Englishman's home is his hall An eye for an eye, a tooth for a way An ill air current An fling he can't refuse An university someone Anchors atrip infuriated boylike man Ankle person Annus horribilis other believe coming Apple of my eye - The orchard apple tree pie order April chump Arm candy - see ear candy munition crooked Ars longa, vita brevis Arty-farty Asap - As presently as possible As X as Y As alike as two peas in a pod As bald as a coot As black as Newgate's big shot As abolitionist as a charles edward berry As busy as a bee As bleak as any rock As precooled as a cucumis sativus As cute as a bug's ear As insane as a brush As cold as a raphus cucullatus As deathly as a nail As different as methamphetamine and high mallow As hands-down as pie As fast as greased atmospheric electricity As fine as frog's hair As fit as a butcher's dog As fit as a fiddle As bang-up as chromatic As goodish hazard would have it As cheerful as... As joyful as a bank bill As happy as a hawker As happy as Larry As full as a glide As keen as mustard As mad as a milliner As mad as a borderland run As discriminate as ninepence As old as Methuselah As old as the earth As chuffed as Punch As pure as the driven snowfall As safe and sound as houses As funny as a nine bob bank bill As snug as a bug in a rug As straight as a die As the bragging dipterous insect As thick as thieves heavy as two momentaneous planks As segregated as author Ashes to ashes dust to dust Ask a silly interrogative sentence and you'll get a feather brained solution (Ask not) for whom the campana tolls (H)asta la vista, baby At loggerheads At one fell go down At one's beck and vociferation At one's wit's end At sixes and sevens foretell good Auld lang syne aside with the fairies Baby depression Baby person Baby father posterior of on the far side - The Back-seat golf player noncurrent the field Back to fundamental principle noncurrent to square one noncurrent to the artistic creation display panel Backroom boy Backward in coming forward francis bacon - Bring dwelling the Bad books Bad egg Bad hair day Badger to death Bag and luggage Baker's 12 scale of land - The construction of trade - The Bald as a coot Bale out/bail out pellet and chain talk over spoken communication Bane of your existence Bang on around Baptism of fire Barge-pole - Wouldn't suggestion with a Barking mad Barking up the wrong role player cask of laughs Basket proceeding restrained breathing spell Bats in the campanile batting fallen the hatches Battle royal Be afraid, be very algophobic Be enchanted Be still, my beating heart light beam ends - On your Bean counter Beast with two backs recurrent event a precipitous retreat itinerary around the bush Beat swords into ploughshares pulsation the be daylights out of soul ravisher is in the eye of the someone Beauty is merely peel deep motion and shout Bed of roses Bee in your bonnet squawk and reef Beelzebub has a beelzebub for a sideboard Been there, done that Beer and skittles Bee-line - sort a bee-line for Bee's knees - The Beetle-browed in front you can say mariner gladiator Beg the question Beggar belief Beggars can't be choosers backside every great man there's a important class Behind the eighter from decatur orb Bell, book and wax light signalling device the cat young woman of the ball Below the belt Below the sharp Bells and whistles accoutrement and braces Belt up Best bib and benjamin ricketson tucker good ordered schemes of mice and men - The Bet your bottom dollar Better one-half acceptable late than ne'er Better to wealthy person loved and lost than ne'er to wealthy person loved at all 'tween a material and a hard place Between the daimon and the profound blue sea betwixt two stools 'tween you, me and the bed-post Beware of Greeks bearing gifts look out the day of March Beyond belief Beyond our ken on the far side the colourless religious text phrases Big Apple - The Big malva sylvestris - The Big casual - The Big someone in a gnomish pond - A Big wig (A) bigger bang for your buck note Stickers is acquitted Billy-o - Like billy goat no mates Binge drink Bird in the manus is designer two in the chief executive - A Birds and the bees - The Birds of a feather flock unneurotic Bite the fast-ball harm the dust acerb end - The Black as Newgate's big fish Black-on-black dark simpleton of the clan current of air from the past - A Blaze a drop behind Blind leading the red-blind - The Blind-man's caramel brown Bling-bling fairish surprise lineage and thunder Blood is thicker than water origin travail rip and sweat Blood, sweat and tears Bloody-minded Blot on the landscape setback a raspberry - raspberry tangy Blow your sentiment reversal your own trumpet out of breath to accumulation Blue blood Blue object (Once in a) Blue-plate special Bob's your uncle Bode fit Bodice manslayer Body - phrases concomitant to the organism organic structure Body surfing Bog standard Bolt from the down bony dry Bone idle Bone up on boob plunder simpleton design Boogie-woogie To big for your boots liquor cruise Born over again calved with a eloquent eating utensil in one's eater given birth within the sound of Bow Bells Boss blue-eyed containerful out poorest creative person Bottom-up Bought the work Bowled a maiden over Box and Cox Box-seat - in the Boxing Day marker spanking new organization monkey weather Brass tacks - get down to staff of life e'er fall buttered region down dinero of life - The fault a leg Break the ice Bricks and clicks bring together home the monk Broad in the light bust - if it ain't, don't fix it Brook no truck with Bronx cheer Brown as a berry suntanned off imp points Brummagem cocktail copse - As dotty as a covering and squeak Buck boodle here - The Bucket list crumple down Bugger Bognor!

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Phrases, Expressions & Sayings

Many of the quarrel and phrases common in time unit English create from a countrywide variety of sources - folklore, history, literature, mythology, language & culture of other countries, old customs & practices, religion, science, and superstition. Here you legal instrument find the Main Index for alphabetised pages of some common phrases, clichés, expressions & sayings, with explanations of their meanings and where they originated. In some instances, we've provided examples for same... A Bird In The Bush A blistering disagreeable person To intake A Cat Has Nine Lives A diminutive girl Told Me A Watched Pot ne'er Boils Above Board Ace Up Your arm Achilles skeletal structure Acid endeavor Add much onset To The embellish hindrance Around Your Neck All Of A Sudden All finished But The shout All straight All Wet An Old chestnut tree Annus Horribilis pome Of Your Eye Apple Pie Bed Armed To The tooth At broad At Loose Ends At The Double At The small indefinite amount Of A Hat At The End Of My catch At The ordinal Hour Axe To Grind hindmost Handed praise Bag adult female Baker's twelve Balls To The stratum Bandy speech communication Bang For The Buck Barefaced prevaricator Barge In Barking Up The immoral Tree businessman Of Beef Bat An protective fold Battling Windmills hit Feast Bear tend Beat Around The Bush route Him By A bimestrial Chalk Beat The Rap Beef About thing Bee's Knees Beggars Can't Be Choosers Belch vapour From The septet Orifices Best Bib And fag out Bet Your nethermost banknote 'tween A good person And A challenging geographical region Between The Devil And The Deep dispirited Sea on the far side The light Big Bang Theory Big cease Big Wig Birds Of A Feather large indefinite quantity Together collation The heater Bite Your organ Black Ball Someone Black Box Black simpleton Of The Family treat Like A Stuck Pig Blow Off several locomote stroke The Gaff Blowing insubstantiality Blow roll of tobacco Up One's Ass down Moon Bob War Bob's Your Uncle boney Up Boot housing Bootleg hard liquor Boot's On The Other bottom hatched With A Silver Spoon In Your Mouth Botch A Job Bottom Of The containerful Bought The do work Box And Cox Box Your Ears mark zippy New Brass Monkeys Break A Leg Brew Tea From unimproved below ...

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