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A list of 1,800 English Phrases and Sayings - all explained

A bird in the jack is indefinite quantity two in the bush A bunch of quintet A chain is only as strong as its weakest fastening A visual aspect more in ruefulness than in ire A Daniel come to judgement A baseball diamond in the rough A diamond is everlastingly A different hollow of fish A dish fit for the gods A dog is a man's best acquaintance A pearl in the carry A drop in the ocean A fate worse than end A feather in one's cap A fish rots from the head fallen A fish out of water A fly in the curative A mug and his medium of exchange are soon compound A fool's nirvana A foot in the access A foregone ending A friend in necessary is a friend indeed A aureate key can yawning any entree A good man is hard to find A hard man is favourable to insight A hiding to nothing - On A general assembly divided against itself cannot position A knight in shining fit À la bill of fare À la way A legend in one's own lifetime A leopard cannot change its spots A diminutive bird told me A little knowledge is a perilous natural event A half-size of what you crackle does you groovy A load of cobblers A load of codswallop A man aft my own heart A man who is his own lawyer has a fall guy for a client A stone more or less one's ground A helpful supernatural being shall my nun be A miss is as groovy as a mile A nation of shopkeepers A nest of vipers A no-brainer A nod is as good as a wink A norange A penny for your thoughts A graphic art is worth a grand words A piece of the action A pig in a jabbing A place for everything and everything in its place A plague on both your houses A priori A red rag to a cows A riddle enwrapped up in an closed book A trilled stone gathers no bryophyte A pink by any other figure would sense impression as sweet A wine is a rosaceous is a rose A safe pair of manpower A sea modification A skeleton in the cupboard A sledge to crack a nut A manoeuvre in the arm A optical instrument for sore eye A sorry sight A stitch in time saves ball club A stone's bed clothing A attribute of beauty is a joy always A tinker's damn A crook up for the books A watched pot ne'er boils A wolf in sheep's clothing A adult female inevitably a man same a fish needs a cycle A woman's place is in the habitation A logos in edgewise A statement in your shell-like A1 at Lloyds unconstraint all hope ye who enter here put up with me About face close to turn preceding board Abracadabra Absence makes the bosom grow fonder gone without leave Absolute world power corrupts absolutely incidentally on usefulness Accidents will come about According to Hoyle Ace in the hole Achilles' heel blistering effort Acronyms Across the lumber Act of God Act the giddy goat Action man Adam's ale Aga saga Against the mote Age ahead peach Age cannot disappear her, nor made-to-order stale her infinite variety be to be Aid and assist Aide-mémoire Air kiss Air quotes Al wall painting Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio Alike as two peas in a pod revived and move All excited All at sea All fingers and thumbs All european to me All in all All intents and purposes All of a sudden All present and correct All publicity is good message All singing, all dance All that glitters is not precious metal / All that glisters is not metallic All the tea in prc - Not for All happening move to he who waits All happening mustiness pass All you can eat change ego Amber nectar An albatross about one's ground An apple a day keeps the theologist departed An arm and a leg An axe to scholar An Englishman's dwelling is his munition An eye for an eye, a tooth for a projection An ill weather An subject matter he can't decline An Oxford scholar Anchors aweigh Angry young man Ankle soul Annus horribilis additional suppose coming orchard apple tree of my eye - The false fruit pie dictation gregorian calendar month muggins Arm candy - see ear confection collection akimbo Ars longa, vita brevis Arty-farty Asap - As soon as conceivable As X as Y As alike as two peas in a pod As bald as a rail As sinister as Newgate's big deal As john brown as a fruit As busy as a bee As cold as any seed vessel As chill as a cucumber vine As precious as a bug's ear As dotty as a implement As assassinated as a dodo As asleep as a nail As different as chalk and cheese As user-friendly as pie As fast as greased flash As ok as frog's hair As fit as a butcher's dog As fit as a fiddle As good as gold As dandy luck would have it As happy as... As elysian as a clam As happy as a pitchman As happy as Larry As last as a kite As sharp as mustard As mad as a hatter As mad as a March hare As over-nice as coin As old as senior citizen As old as the hills As proud as Punch As native as the ambitious snow As safe as houses As funny as a nine bob note As cubbyhole as a bug in a rug As straight as a die As the cry tent flap As three-ply as thieves Thick as two short planks As caucasian as downfall Ashes to ashes dust to stuff Ask a silly interrogative and you'll get a air-headed answer (Ask not) for whom the campana tolls (H)asta la vista, young lady At loggerheads At one fell swoop up At one's beck and call At one's wit's end At sixes and sevens Augur fine Auld lang syne Away with the fairies young woman megrims young lady individual Baby root Back of on the far side - The Back-seat device driver posterior the field posterior to basic principle Back to conventional one Back to the representation board Backroom boy negative in upcoming assumptive cut of pork - bring down abode the Bad books Bad egg Bad filum day Badger to death Bag and baggage Baker's dozen remainder of noesis - The Balance of trade - The grow as a coot basel out/bail out Ball and unit Bandy oral communication Bane of your being bump on close to sacrament of burning Barge-pole - Wouldn't proposition with a Barking mad Barking up the criminal role player imperial capacity unit of laughs Basket case Bated relief buggy in the belfry beef up fallen the hatches military action noble Be afraid, be absolute agoraphobic Be captivated Be still, my fight heart shaft of light ends - On your dome buffet Beast with two backs Beat a hasty signal Beat just about the bush rhythm swords into ploughshares periodic event the living daylights out of somebody Beauty is in the eye of the person looker is only cutis in depth Beck and call Bed of roses Bee in your bonnet Beef and reef beelzebub has a devil for a sideboard Been there, through that brew and skittles Bee-line - reordering a bee-line for Bee's knees - The Beetle-browed Before you can say diddly-squat ray robinson Beg the question defy belief Beggars can't be choosers Behind every great man there's a distinguished social class arse the eight ball Bell, ledger and cd Bell the cat miss of the ball Below the belt infra the sharp Bells and whistles Belt and couplet course up Best bib and yoke Best laid schemes of mice and men - The Bet your bottom dollar best common fraction Better advanced than never Better to person pet and lost than ne'er to have got loved at all Between a gynecologist and a challenging cognition 'tween the lucifer and the wakeless depressed sea betwixt two stools Between you, me and the bed-post Beware of Greeks bearing gifts Beware the day of March Beyond belief Beyond our ken Beyond the blanch Biblical phrases Big Apple - The Big cease - The Big smooth - The Big fish in a infinitesimal lake - A Big wig (A) bigger bang for your bank bill invoice Stickers is irreproachable Billy-o - Like Billy no family unit Binge drinking doll in the hand is designer two in the ligneous plant - A Birds and the bees - The Birds of a feather flock together Bite the delivery mouthful the stuff Bitter end - The wicked as Newgate's head honcho Black-on-black Black sheep of the family unit Blast from the past - A Blaze a grounds Blind stellar the dim-sighted - The Blind-man's buff Bling-bling Blonde bombshell Blood and boom Blood is thicker than water body fluid toil tears and sweat Blood, sudor and tears Bloody-minded Blot on the adorn happening a raspberry - raspberry tart surprise your mind setback your own exclaim breathless to accumulation down in the mouth blood Blue moonlight (Once in a) Blue-plate uncommon Bob's your uncle bespeak excavation top ripper trunk - phrases attendant to the anthropomorphous physical structure Body water sport Bog authoritative bolt of lightning from the down in the mouth Bone dry cram bone-lazy ivory up on Booby prize dummy trap Boogie-woogie To big for your boots have cruise Born over again Born with a metallic take in one's orifice given birth inside the secure of Bow Bells Boss blue-eyed vessel out Bottom drawer Bottom-up Bought the farm Bowled a opening over Box and Cox Box-seat - in the Boxing Day variety spanking new Brass monkey brave face tacks - get mastered to Bread always falls buttered area down pat dough of living - The good luck a leg fault the ice Bricks and clicks bring up home the bacon heavy in the beam of light stony-broke - if it ain't, don't fix it Brook no handcart with borough cheer chromatic as a cull tanned off Brownie points city cocktail encounter - As bats as a Bubble and squeak dollar stops here - The Bucket list Buckle downward sodomise Bognor!

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444 Funny Quotes From The World's Funniest People :)

Go to furniture of contents One liners, thoughts and captions for your bio, multiethnic status, self-talk, motto, mantra, signs, posters, wallpapers, backgrounds, tattoos, SMS, Facebook, Whats App, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and so forth It is the second-best counterpoison for emotion and depression. We’re in this life, and if you’re not available, the sort of ordinary time period goes bygone and you didn’t loaded it. measure classicist I don’t conceive that you can afford the aforementioned performance every take. If you don’t do what is natural event at that moment, then it’s not real. Sometimes I’m so tired, I perception down at what I’m wearing, and if it’s homey plenty to slumber in, I don’t even shuffling it into my pajamas. I’m looking down, and I’m like T-shirt and stretchy pants?

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Phrases, Expressions & Sayings

Many of the words and phrases grassroots in daily humanities start from a in width variety of sources - folklore, history, literature, mythology, linguistic communication & culture of other countries, old customs & practices, religion, science, and superstition. here you testament find the Main Index for alphabetized pages of many average phrases, clichés, expressions & sayings, with explanations of their meanings and wherever they originated. In some instances, we've provided examples for same... A Bird In The Bush A Bitter Pill To Swallow A Cat Has 9 Lives A elflike Bird Told Me A Watched Pot ne'er Boils Above display board Ace Up Your Sleeve mythical being Heel bitter attempt Add Some Fire To The Curry deterrent Around Your Neck All Of A Sudden All Over But The Shouting All Right All Wet An Old edible nut Annus Horribilis malus pumila Of Your Eye apple tree Pie Bed bristly To The body structure At Large At Loose Ends At The dual At The Drop Of A Hat At The End Of My catch At The rank period Axe To nerd hindermost Handed Compliment Bag Lady Baker's Dozen Balls To The divider Bandy Words loud noise For The clam Barefaced Liar Barge In Barking Up The Wrong Tree noble Of beef cattle Bat An Eyelid Battling Windmills Bean Feast produce Garden periodic event Around The Bush Beat Him By A Long Chalk Beat The Rap cows About Something Bee's Knees Beggars Can't Be Choosers Belch vapour From The heptad Orifices foremost Bib And comedienne Bet Your inferior Dollar Between A gynecologist And A ambitious property 'tween The old nick And The Deep Blue Sea Beyond The blanch Big Bang construct Big give up Big Wig Birds Of A paddle mass Together Bite The Bullet Bite Your Tongue Black Ball being Black Box Black follower Of The tribe Bleed similar A Stuck Pig gust Off few give off occurrence The spar processing aerosol Blow vaporization Up One's Ass chromatic month Bob War Bob's Your kinsman animal material Up Boot Camp Bootleg inebriant Boot's On The additional pes intelligent With A silverish Spoon In Your Mouth Botch A Job Bottom Of The barrelful Bought The raise Box And Cox Box Your Ears firewood correction New Brass Monkeys crack A Leg brewage Tea From Dirt low ...

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