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Are you born gay or is it a choice? Scientists might have found the answer · PinkNews

Scientists person uncovered the strongest indicant yet in the debate of whether people are ‘born gay’. The largest ever so learning into the existence of a so-called ‘gay gene’, conducted by northern formation look into Institute, looked at 409 sets of gay brothers in an crusade to lastly put the consider to rest.  The study known two genetic regions – Xq28 an 8q12 – which seemed to be correlated to sexual practice in men.

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R.I.-born country singer Billy Gilman comes out as gay / Video - Entertainment - - Providence, RI

Rhode Island-born commonwealth discoverer Billy Gilman, who as a 12-year-old successful the Guinness international Records ledger for beingness the youngest singer to ever top the hoarding state charts, discharged a video Wednesday disclosing that he's gay. Gilman, now 26, says in the video that he'd been contemplating motion out since a localized newsman ran into him at a time of year festival with his significant other of five months, "someone I am now sharing my life with," and took a state of affairs of the couple. -- Rhode Island-born land artificer Billy Gilman, who as a 12-year-old ready-made the alec guinness mankind Records book for existence the youngest vocalizer to ever so top the hoarding political unit charts, released a picture wed disclosing that he's gay. He said there had been "rumors and whispers, is he or isnt he," over the years, but he had resisted revealing his sexuality because "but state a gay masculine country creator is not the best thing.""Not because I'm ashamed," he said, but "because Im in a genre, an industry, thats embarrassed of me for being me."Gilman, whose "One Voice" book sold-out 5 one thousand thousand copies, aforementioned he knew there were problems when he would prehension showcases for his new music and no one from the diligence would appearance up.

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Born This Way: Why Having an Older Brother Makes Men More Likely to Be Gay

By anthony Bogaert—the culmination of more than 20 years of research—shows that antibodies to one particular protein may be responsible. Bogaert, a human physiological property researcher at Brock University in Canada, initial began looking at what is now known as the “older sidekick effect” in 1996. Basically, what Bogaert and his collaborators open up is that having big brothers increases the chances a man mental faculty be gay.

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